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Ride in groups

Our group transportation solutions are perfect for taxi companies, care homes, or car rental businesses that need to transport multiple wheelchair users. We offer a variety of adaptations, including customizable floors for wheelchair buses, smart seats, and electric step aids.

Minivan floors

When transporting multiple wheelchairs, we often need to modify the vehicle’s floor. Original floors are typically made of foam or multiple layers of materials, which are unstable and unable to secure a wheelchair. We offer the option to replace the floor with a custom wooden floor or a complete aluminum floor with rails for modular purposes. Our “Smartfloor” and “Smartfloor Plus” solutions are designed to be modular and user-friendly.


The “Smartfloor” is an aluminum floor that can be assembled from various profiles, with integrated aviation rails that can hold different types of seats or wheelchair locks. The floor is finished with a robust anti-slip rubber coating with glass and stone.

Smartfloor Plus

With “Smartfloor Plus,” the anchor points are fixed to the floor and can support up to 10 cm of height, allowing Smartseats “Turny” to be mounted on the sides. We’ll work with you to determine the best configuration for your minibus, based on the number of wheelchairs and their placement on the floor.

At Trapmann, we understand the importance of providing safe and comfortable transportation for wheelchair users. Our customized solutions for group transportation can be tailored to your specific needs, and our team of experts is always available to answer.

Flexible seating

If you’ve modified your vehicle’s floor for a wheelchair user, you may have lost your seating capacity. Our Smartseat Easy and Smartseat Turny solutions allow you to determine the layout of your vehicle based on the passengers, including those in wheelchairs. Our M1-approved single seats are fixed in place at the rear of the vehicle and attached to the integrated “Airline” rails of the Smartfloor. They can be easily folded and rotated, so they don’t need to be removed from the vehicle when transporting wheelchairs. We can also provide optional foldable armrests on the left or right side. Our M1-approved removable single seats can be easily moved or removed from the integrated “Airline” rails of the Smartfloor, and optional foldable armrests are available on both sides.

Step assistance

If your minibus is modified, you may need assistance for passengers to board. Our electric steps provide easy access, and we also offer one or more handles for additional support and safety.


Our customized ramps are suitable for all types of wheelchair vans, and we offer different models depending on your requirements. We’ll work with you to determine the most suitable solution for your vehicle.


Our hydraulic lifts are a perfect solution for wheelchair users who cannot use the steps or ramp. We offer different models with various load capacities and installation locations. We’ll help you select the right one for your minibus and ensure it meets all safety requirements.

Tie downs

We offer a wide range of tie-down systems for securing wheelchairs in your vehicle. Our tie-downs are easy to use and comply with all safety regulations.

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