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Ride along

Do you struggle with getting in and out of a vehicle? Need to transport a passenger in a wheelchair? Or maybe you need an easy way to load an electric scooter? We have a range of solutions for you!

Lowered floors

Our lowered floors and ramps provide a highly accessible solution for transporting wheelchair users. With our system, you can easily enter and exit the vehicle from the back via the ramp. We also provide two semi-electric wheelchair belts at the front and two removable ones at the back. Additionally, the converted vehicle will have a 3-point seat belt system to ensure the safety of the wheelchair user.

With Trapmann’s lowered floor systems, we ensure that the interior height of your vehicle is optimized for wheelchair transportation, with a height of up to 1.45m. We offer specific solutions for each type of vehicle, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

Lift systems & swivel seats

Besides lowered floors, we offer a range of other “ride along” solutions for improved passenger transportation.

Lift systems:

Easily load your wheelchair or electric scooter into your vehicle with our lift systems. You can choose from a variety of options including rollover lifts, platform lifts, and hoists. Our lift systems can handle up to 180 kg and are compatible with any type of wheelchair or electric scooter.

Swivel seats:

If you have difficulty getting in and out of your vehicle, our swivel seats can help. With some systems, you can even adjust the height to make transferring to and from your wheelchair easier.

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